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Important message for All Family Members

If any US family members plan to visit Ireland or Irish family members plan to visit the US, please contact me. I will try to put you in touch with a cousin in the country that you are visiting.

In June, 1999,  US cousin Mary Susan Clarke and her daughters Mariel and Amanda, met for dinner, with Irish cousin Shivaun McDonnell Sheehan and her husband, Lorcan, in Dublin. By all accounts this was a very pleasant and interesting encounter.

If anyone wishes to see the farm in Cloughreagh, the church in Meath Hill or the graves in Nobber, I can supply the name of a very nice B and B in nearby Drumconrath. (No I don't get a commission). And Paddy and Angie McDonnell would love to talk to some more American cousins.

I think that, although separated by a hundred years and a large pond, you will find the descendants of all those Patricks are very much alike.

I am reluctant to put phone numbers and addresses into this web page, but I will supply them via