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Stories from Ireland

This is a copy of a letter received by Frank Clarke [Florida] in responce to a Christmas card that he sent to the Irish Cousins, Angie and Paddy McDonnell. I have taken the liberty of numbering the "Patrick Clarkes" mentioned since there are three generations cited. It includes Patrick #2, #3 and #4. There is an earlier generation not mentioned in this letter that I have labled #1 [see sitemap page "Descendants of Patrick"]

Co. Louth
12 Dec 99

Dear Frank & family,

         How nice it was to hear from you.  I'm Angela, married to Paddy
McDonnell, a  grandson of Patrick Clarke(3), brother of Frank (the
plumber).  I actually was reared by a Pat (4) Clarke,grandson of Patrick (2)
Clarke[father of Patrick(3) and Frank Clarke] and an uncle of my husband's who was married to my father's sister; my mother died when I was an infant and they having no family of their own brought me up as a daughter.  We have seven in [the] family, 4 girls, 3
boys, all of whom are married.  We also have a Shivaun who spells her name
a different way to your daughter; our Shivaun is the one doing the family
tree on this side.  She also has an e-mail add.
[].  Maria, our oldest, has three
boys.  Nuala is a teacher and [has] two boys and a girl.  Pat is the
farmer, has one boy.  Fergus is a policeman like John Clarke.  It seems to
follow in the blood.  Two of the last Clarkes [living in 1960's on the Clarke farm in Cloughreagh], Pat(4) and James, sons of Patrick(3) [nephews of Frank] were policemen.  Fergus has four in family and one expected in the Christmas stocking.  Donal is in Industrial relations with Hewlett-Packard, has one daughter and expecting one next
summer. Orla has two boys.  Shivaun has no family yet.   Thank God
they are all settled and doing well.  Paddy is 80 years old now.  He has a
married sister who is 86 years.  She has six in her family & they have
families... and his youngest sister is 84 yrs, not married.  So you see
there are quite a few with Clarke blood still around in this country.

         Shivaun said to say she would like to hear from you sometime.

         For now that's all except we were delighted to get your card and
letter.  So for the present may I wish you and family a very happy and holy
Christmas and a peaceful New Year.

         Keep in touch and maybe sometime you might call this way.

Very best wishes
from Paddy, Angela, & family

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