Meath Hill

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Meath Hill is the Web Page for the descendants of Frank and Catherine Clarke, who emigrated to the United States at the time of the Great Famine in Ireland. The story of their struggles and successes are contained herein, as researched and documented by John Clarke, great-grandson.

It is also the story of the search by these descendants to find their Roots. It's a search that links a family, Irish and American, separated for nearly a century. It's also a search that reveals for an American Family an Irish History dating back to 1750

From Frank Clarke's grandfather in Ireland to his grandchildren in America, this Web Page spans five generations. It is a story that is truly Irish and American. I have left it for others to continue with successive generations.

This Web Site, "Meath Hill" derives its name from two important locations in the life of Frank Clarke. One is located in Ireland , the other in the United States. Frank grew up near an area of County Meath known as Meath Hill. At its highest point stands St. Patrick's Church. From this spot, on a clear day, you can see blue sky and green fields for what seems forever. And in the latter part of his life Frank retired to his farm in the town of Walkill, NY. It was located in the Shawangunk Mountains, overlooking beautiful Highland Lake. He named this farm Meath Hill.

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This Web Page created by John Clarke, great-grandson of Frank and Catherine.
The assistance of all those family members both Irish and American, who contributed to this endeavor, is greatly and forever appreciated.

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